Shield(s) Complete

Way back in 2014 I started a project building a shield. It just occurred to me that follow up pictures were never posted! As people have been searching for ‘boffer strap shield’ and finding my blog, I really should fix that error. So much has happened since then. The purchase of a home and construction of a workshop has aided in the completion rate of projects. There have been more shield builds, including an all foam build, and even a spear since my last post. Once I write up the posts you can check those out as well. Hopefully it won’t take me two years to get those posted.

When last I left off there was basically a bare wooden board with just some plastic tubing secured around it.


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Starting The Voyage North

Stage: Planning
Days: 454(ish)

While attending the New England LARP Conference (NELCO), I was able to see Claus Raasted presentation on Larp Tourism. Simply put larp tourism is traveling to another country to attend a larp you wouldn’t normally go it, using your vacation dollars. This actually changes the mindset of the amount someone is willing to spend. Spending a few thousand dollars on a vacation is much more reasonable then the idea of spending a few thousand dollars to attend one larp event. Spending a few thousand dollars for room, board and battles on a grand scale seems really reasonable.

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I will teach you Boffer.

People keep asking me “What larp are you in?” The answer is odd. Although hosting regular practice, I’m not really in any larp at the moment. Or maybe any larp. This probably sounds silly to most larpers. Why would you practice if you aren’t going to a game. I actually really like practice. And Framingham, Ma is the kind of town that could use a boffer game. Practice is actually a lot of fun outside of a larp system. Especially for the kinds of players who are looking for more action than role playing. Growing a community of folks interested in this fun hobby is a reward all it’s own. So below the jump you’ll find all the information about how you can learn to boffer larp.

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Build a Boffer

Hi, if you live near Framingham Ma and would like to build your first weapon, sign up for my Build a Boffer class, Thursday Feb 18th. FMS providing the space; I am providing the materials, and know how to make boffer weapons for larp. My goal is to make sure that people who come to class leave with a weapon they built, and know how to make weapons by themselves in the future.

Also if we can show the Makerspace that there is interest in the topic, we can run more classes in the future. It would be so awesome to start building latex weapons!

There is also a shield class, and a combat class! Follow the links for the class sign up.

New England winter is tough!

Hi there! It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Between family obligations and vacations, the holiday season is a bit difficult for larp. Winter in New England is the off season for good reason. Also Fallout 4. But now I’m starting to climb back out of that hole and interact with the world again.

A new podcast has been added to the Media page. Check out The Game Developers Radio podcast. +Joseph Burchett interviews me about larp. Out interview is a great intro to larp as we walk through an overview of many different kinds of larp. I’d love to talk about larp with other podcasts, feel free to contact me if you need some content.

Additionally plans are finalizing with the Framingham Makerspace! I’ll be teaching three classes in Feb and March. The cost of the class goes to the Makerspace and covers materials. Attendees get to keep the boffer sword they make. Stay tuned for more information about the classes and how to attend. There will be an official blurb and link to sign up for the class soon!

Larp vs Battle Game

We all live busy lives. Larps for adults should adjust for that. Not every player wants a fully immersive 360 degree environment. Certainly there are plenty of player do want that and here in New England there are plenty of those larps available. If you’re a classic larper, who wants that kind of larp, then perhaps skip this post. But if you want a larp that gets to the good bits quickly, then read on.

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