2017 Spring 3 PEL

Or Purkish weddings throw you!

This PEL is more of an in game story of the event, and less a recounting for the event holders of what happened to the players. Although hopefully it for-fills both entertainment and practical purposes. This Post Event Letter was written for the Mythical Journeys event that took place in May 2017 in Pomfret Ct.

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Gayland’s Secret

This past Mythical Journey’s event included an interesting personal incident. Townsfolk blamed Gayland for murder and ordered him held without trial under threat of death. After unwarranted (literally) confinement, and a bit of torture, the situation felt like something that would happen to a villein. Or maybe a plot from an Elise Peters book (the wonderful Brother Cadfael series). I chose to have Gayland react to the situation in a way that seemed fitting for a low class bonded farmer. Someone used to being ruled by arbitrary whims of those of higher social status. It made a whole new spin on the character.

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