Curiosity killed the Cow.

Peter Molyneux’s game(?) app called “Curiosity: What’s inside the Cube?” has launched.  And people are clicking on it.  Kind of like Cow Clicker.  But without the satire.  The app itself is free.  And there are in game tools (?) which can be purchased to help the player (?) click more effectively.  These items are purchased with the coins earned for clicking on pixels.

Sorry for all the (?)…  But the very meaning of things like’game’ and ‘player’ are completely open to interpretation in Curiosity.  At this point I’ve earned around 10,000 coins by clicking for around 10 minutes.  It does start to feel like strategy emerges after a while.  There is emergent gameplay in just about all things, and Curiosity is no exception.
One thought stays in the back of my mind though.  With 68,719,476,736 cubelets is Curiosity the worlds largest progress bar?

Is Empire Avenue a Meta game?

So how is this for meta.  An entire game where you earn value on a fictitious stock market by using social media.  This is kind of a description of Empire Avenue.  Tonight I did my IPO in a category for Game Development, and I found Scott Macmillan over there.  So I seem to be in good company.  My impression of the game in the first five minutes:  Interesting…  Where does A=L+SE+R-E fit in (look for a new post on that)?  Kind of a lot of new stuff to learn.  People are investing in me awfully fast, am I a stock market bubble?

Can someone recommend my blog on EA?  K, thx.  I’ll buy 50 shares of you if you do.

It seems like if one were to play this game in a determined fashion it could improve your ability to navigate in social media.  Considering that I enjoy blogging about games on social media, to me this is very Meta.  It looks a bit like another tool to “spread the word”, and drive some traffic here.

So am I writing this post to get more hits on my blog from EA?  Or am I writing this post to drive more players to EA (If you want to play, as me for an invite)?  Whoa…  The ultimate answer is Yes.  Yes I am.


Found some interesting articles on EA around the web.  They seems to indicate that there is social media buzz about the game, but I’ve never heard of it.  Good intro article on  An opinion about this being ‘gamification’ or not.