Hi, welcome to my page. I hope you’re here to learn about Live Action Role Playing. Since 1993 (ish) I’ve been learning about and participating in Boffer Hit Location Combat Live Action Role Playing.

Boffer – The style of weapons being used. Boffers are home made a low cost padded weapons. Generally made out of PVC, pipe insulation, strapping tape, and duct tape. You can learn how to make cheap boffers here. Instead of boffer you might encounter latex weapons or camp pad weapons.

Hit Location – This kind of combat is inherited from the SCA, and seeks to be more visceral. Being good relays on practice and skill. Its super hard for new players, but intrinsically more fun as it generates lots of positive brain chemicals. Alternatively Hit Point systems obfuscate combat a little more through the use of game mechanics. You get a more ‘gamified’ experience, and also more storytelling with Hit Point systems, but less adrenaline and dopamine.

Combat Live Action Role Playing – In game conflict is resolved through the actions of the players. Instead of resolving conflict through game mechanics. MET is definitely a LRP, but they resolve conflict through game mechanics. Boffer Combat Larp means that you actually get to hit your friends with plumbing supplies! And who doesn’t want to hit their friends with plumbing supplies!?

My Motto: “It’s only fun when they come back next week”. In other words play in a way that other people want to keep playing with you. Being a jerk (intentionally or unintentionally) drives new players away from a sport that needs everyone it can get. So don’t be a jerk on the field. Welcome new players, and help them learn.

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