Gem Experiments

The patch notes seemed to suggest that there would be increased demand for gems.  Prices on gem combinations were drastically reduced.  Which seems like it would increase the number of sales of gems.  Spending all day testing this has been both simple and boring.  They haven’t sold.

This means my last post is wrong.  The price of combining really isn’t a factor in the value or liquidity of gems on the AH.  Droping the price of combining gems hasn’t really effected the short term market.  Too bad, I was going to sell through all mine today.  I have quite the stockpile.

Something that was a pleasant surprise, a spike in the price of Fiery Brimstone.  The price then dropped during the day back.  This may be a bit premature as the salvage rate has greatly changed.  One sold early today for 53125 gold, and I’m going to buy one now, and watch the price to see what happens.  Don’t sell your last one!

Also I put together a fair set of Gold Find items.  All level 60 Magic Items, all 25,000 gold or under per piece.  Tried it out in nightmare, attempting to put together the Staff of Herding.  Got first three components with no problem.  Shinbone had droped randomly for me without even looking for it, which kicked off my interest.  The mushroom took a few runs, but showed up fairly quickly.  Bought the bell, no trouble.  Ran the quests for the other two pieces for 3 hours last night, and 4 or 5 hours this morning.  Never got the other two.  Decided to do Izual to break things up a bit, and the plans dropped on the first run.

How have things been going of you out there?  Good gems sales today?  Bad?

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