Beginners Guide to Larp: Hosting a Backyard Larp

After learning about the different larp structures, and searching for local larps, you might find there aren’t any within a reasonable travel distance. In order to attend a larp you might need to be the first person in your community to host one. So how do you host a larp for the first time if you’ve never played one before?

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Beginners Guide to Larp: Finding

Getting started in larp can be tricky. While the internet makes it very easy to find a larp, it’s more difficult to find one that you as a player will enjoy. New players should start by getting an idea of the different structures of larp that are commonly available. Once you get an idea of which structure is most appealing, then you can find a game in that style of larp, in a genre you like.

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Newbie Rules of combat

An outline to get you started

Right now there are a lot of new players looking to get into larp. If you are too young to attend an existing game, or don’t have easy access to a local larp. Your next best option is to start playing yourself. But if you’ve never played before coming up with the rules from nothing can be a daunting task. This is a refresh of an older post that seemed like a great outline for new players looking for a very straightforward combat rules. Feel free to use this as a base set of rules with your friends.

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Simulated Thievery, a larp mini game

You want to join a Thieves Guild but there isn’t one in your larp? Here is a rough outline of a game taught to me at Bicolline’s Grand Battle in 2017. I’ve never seen these rules written down, so this is what I can recall of the rules as they were taught and practiced. You can adapt and formalize these rules for almost any larp to run your own secret thieves guild.

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Le crime ne paie pas!

The May Campaign at Bicolline was a great time. Due to weird narrative and odd weapon/armor limitations it was virtually free from in game stakes, and therefore pressure. Other members of the Lys didn’t find it overly fun, but I enjoyed it as a one shot experience. Watching people fail to adapt their tactics was interesting. It has me thinking back to some tactics from larps of old and wondering if they might be useful. Anyway, the really fun part of the weekend was connecting with other members of the Lys Noir (as well as the DT Co) and talk about ways to do that some more. An idea arose somewhat like the Gastronomy Tournament (although without the competition part). Cooking for each other using a fire/fire pit. It has me considering getting a Dutch Oven (very modern, I know, but useful nonetheless) and/or a cast iron skillet.