Boston Post Mortem 12/12/12

John Lanza and Daniel Rose – Legal Issues For Game Dev

Boston Post Mortem is always amazing, and definitely worth the trip to Waltham.  Eric and I made our first announcement, met some awesome folks, and generally had a great time.  Attendance was a little light, but there were plenty of artists, sound designers, and app developers looking for work.  The conversation about legal issues covered mostly Trademark, Copyright and Patent information.  With a bit about Equity Crowd funding at the beginning.

The big announcement?  Eric is the founder and I am the co-founder (more like part time adviser) of a start up!  We’re looking for 2d artists (or 3d who can work in 2d).  There is contract work available for sound design, iOS and Android development.  If you are an artist, or know one who’s out of work, link me to their portfolio.  Previous work in game design is a plus, but not a requirement.

More information about the company will be coming out soon.  Super exciting!

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