2017 Spring 2 PEL

This Post Event Letter was written for the Mythical Journeys event that took place in April 2017 in Pomfret Ct. Still writing things like a long list, but hopefully it’s getting more interesting.


Although uneventful for Gayland, we learned that the Professor was released by new towns folk. Friends Eluvian had called to assist her in the capture of her hated enemy the Professor, had in fact, released him. Gayland thought to follow them fearing that Eluvian could have done the same… If only it had been more than a fleeting fancy. A few unrecognized materials, found during his return trip to Eldyrwood, were turned over to Raven for Alchemical use. Some kind of mind clearing potion, and a component of some kind. Raven thought she could use the component over the weekend to produce a potion. Gayland agreed to payment later once something was made.


In the morning, Rudolph had word from his sister, and fearing that she was captured or otherwise enthralled rallied a few of us to aid him. We hiked out to the graveyard and found nothing of note. After growing bored we decided to practice combat skills. While practicing a few scavengers came through and found minor components. This left us all feeling a bit silly, and Raven a tad sad, as they were easy to find. It hadn’t even occurred to the group to search. After completing a few rounds of group combat Rudolph’s sister arrived, and they had words. Her appearance was a fright, no more the free spirit from before winter, she seemed wiser and more willful. Perhaps more dangerous. While speaking Gayland took the opportunity to search around a bit. After finding not one, but two tiny alchemical apples, Raven’s spirit brightened.

Hansel arrived with powerful constructs. They were unharmed by almost any manner of attack, and we quickly fled to the town. They rallied to defeat the constructs, or at least blocking them from getting to Rudolph and his sister with shear numbers. Once Hansel was captured, the town went back to relative safety. With the town calm it seemed as good a time as any to bring wares to market. Selling them to the tavern at a fine price, below the going rate he learned later, brought enough to cover taxes.

Town meeting was the usual politics, very uninteresting, except Perfidy’s need for the alchemical apples, which she offered fine price for. The court was held, which was more interesting. Learned of the town locksmith. Ark, and the newest of the Murphy’s, plus a few others not worth taking note of, were brought up on charges for their part in the release of the professor. All weekend the damn Murphy’s. Getting into fights on the front steps of the tavern. Those Murphy’s…

Gayland headed back up to Edgewood to return goods, and encountered four elementals, one of each base element, presumably coming from the forge, heading to the town. They deemed him insignificant and proceeded to address the town, which as the towns folk had been messing around with the forge they were probably justified for doing.

A relaxing night by the fire gave way to undead. Fortunately the slow shambling kind. While attempting to work out how to dispatch the undead, elementals or perhaps constructs, took the moment and attacked. Raven, Rudolph and Gayland fled to the Shaman circle for safety. Fortunately the town seemed to be the focus of the attack, and the circle proved safe.

Later in the night Gayland returned to the town and enjoyed others company around the fire. He listened in on elves discussing politics in their land. Ysora struck up a conversation, and they spoke of life above and below ground, strongholds and towns. And the brewing of strong drink. Joshua and Ysora reminisced about their adventures together. After the rush of excitement it was a calm and pleasant way to end the evening.


With taxes paid, the day continued. Spoke to the locksmith about buying or renting a lock. Found out she is also a miller, or would be if it were working. Nothing can be more important to a town than a good working mill. Gayland agreed to help repair the mill, unfortunately forgot to get her name. She also mentioned Farmer Bob, as someone in town who can help farmers new to the area.

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