Gayland’s Secret

This past Mythical Journey’s event included an interesting personal incident. Townsfolk blamed Gayland for murder and ordered him held without trial under threat of death. After unwarranted (literally) confinement, and a bit of torture, the situation felt like something that would happen to a villein. Or maybe a plot from an Elise Peters book (the wonderful Brother Cadfael series). I chose to have Gayland react to the situation in a way that seemed fitting for a low class bonded farmer. Someone used to being ruled by arbitrary whims of those of higher social status. It made a whole new spin on the character.

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My first Mythical Journey’s Character

If you haven’t heard of it yet, Mythical Journey’s is a fantasy campaign larp based in Pomfret Connecticut, USA. The game has been running for 20 ish years, and the same company also runs the Connecticut Renaissance Faire. Without sounding too much like Ad copy, the game is definitely worth checking out if you’re in the New England area. As a new player I found the character creation process a little tricky. The rules are a hybrid of hit point and hit location larps, which means it’s familiar, but just tricky enough for me to make newb mistakes. Here’s what came out of some simple

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Would you play this battle game?


4x Battle game with the following mission statement:

In general larp is getting really good at producing a range of emotions in it’s players and staff. Hardcore Nordic larp groups push emotional boundaries. Battle games however seek to build one particular emotion, and do that through combat.

Esprit du corps
“The blood of the covenant is thicker than the milk of birth.”

System Goals:

  1. Run a game which is enjoyable physically and mentally. 
  2. Explore what combining the 4x game concept and a larp battle game means. 
  3. Focus on the production of one emotion. Espirt du Corps.

The game is played on two layers, each layer informing the other. The strategic layer takes place on a map. In this case a hand drawn hex map. It plays out more like a board game. The Tactical layer takes in a series of well defined battles, the rules of which should be familiar to gamers. Capture the flag, fort battle, bridge battle, milk run, line battle.