A game design challenge…

Imagine designing a game that the player couldn’t look at, or touch.  Oh, and it’s played while driving so it can’t be overly distracting.  Given those conditions what kind of game would you design?  BRIGHTdriver is a company tackling that with two games.  They are using kickstarter to fund the final polish on those two games.

As for the kickstarter itself; the dollar amount seems to be correct based on finishing two games.  They are asking for funds to finish a project, but ultimately looking to start a company.  This is an interesting test case for project vs company kickstarter.  We shall see how things turn out.

The business challenge, which is much more interesting, is the gut reaction most folks have.  “This isn’t safe“.  Overcoming that issue is a much bigger challenge.  That may be a bigger and more interesting challenge facing BrightDriver.  More then the game design issue, the business issue interests me.

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