Anticipating the Voyage

Not much to update on the 2017 Bicolline trip at this point. The next step is setting up payments and placing an order for garb. These are pending the finalization of a home refinancing. Generally banks don’t prefer you to be making large non essential movements of money during a refinancing, but I’m probably being a little over cautious.

In thinking over the trip, and let’s be honest, fantasizing about larping for a week and a half. I’m starting to have the sneaking feeling that the community is the real draw. My concepts of what it’s going to be like are more and more about the people going, rather than the things I’ll be doing.

It has been too long since I have been among my own people. I’ve made some attempts to borrow other cultures. Attended a few SCA practices, went to the Makerspace a few times. But none of these communities have fit right. I want to hang with larpers. People with amazing stories. People who bond in amazing ways through the adrenaline of combat, and the emotions of high drama. Life with the dull bits cut out. Well, maybe more like life with the dull bits reduced.


I went to Firefly once. Firefly is like New England’s Burning Man. Held in a secret, secluded location, everyone goes camping for a week and brings art. Going to Firefly made me nostalgic for larp events. Not many people wanted to larp at Firefly. There were a few. If anyone could get me to go back it’s Hall of Arkham and their larp like hijinks.

Unfortunately I’ll be at home this August. Probably dying to get pictures, photos and stories from Bicolline. Fortunately there’s TempleCon. Also Legend of the Stars. Four days of Nordic Larp on a battleship sounds pretty good. I’ll be volunteering to help, but probably not playing. Those should keep me busy in the near future.



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